EXE 2046 – Photoepilation

Effective light flashes

The hair problem is not only an aesthetic flaw but also a psycho- logical malaise. People afflicted with this problem often feel limited in them relational world and so hair removal treatment is one of the most popular. The technology in this field has undergone significant evolution, from electrocoagulation to laser, and now the pulsed light is the latest system that uses high intensity flash light (IPL) to obtain good results in a shorter time.

élite Resolution I.P.L. is the effective pulsed light solution for unwanted hair, suitable for all skin’s types and for every part of the body, indeed it works even in the most difficult and delicate points, like face, underarms and groin. This secure device uses the principle of selective photothermolysis: it generates a series of light flashes that inhibit the cells responsible for the development of the hair and then reduces hair growth.

The light flash is emitted by a special handpiece that has many reductions for a better work on different areas of the body. The device is equipped with two filter: the red one for dark or tanned skin and the orange one for fair skin. The cooling air meth- od prevents that the emitted heat causes reddening.

élite Resolution Depy offre la libertà di impostare i parametri di lavo- ro autonomamente oppure affidarsi al trattamento guidato, attraverso il quale l’apparecchiatura consiglia il percorso più adatto in funzione delle caratteristiche del pelo e della pelle. Inoltre, grazie al monitor 10” touch screen, è possibile seguire tutte le fasi e, se necessario, intervenire per variare i parametri.


Treat the hair in the growth phase (anagen) and repeat the ses- sions about once a month.

The work program should be carefully designed based on to the needs and the health status of the client. The beautician should verify that the subject has not taken photosensitizing recently; has no skin rashes, open wounds, tattoos or an excessive den- sity of moles in the areas to be treated; does not suffer from hormonal imbalances; is not pregnant or suffering from diseases in which the pulsed light may be contraindicated.

BLUE FILTER 9145 active acne treatment 400-450 nm
GREEN FILTER 9149 vascular/aesthetic treatment (also for couperose) 490-530 nm
RED FILTER 9146 dark skin depilation for dark or tanned skin, 620 nm
ORANGE FILTER epilazione pelle chiare 600 nm fair skin depilation
YELLOW FILTER 9148 cutaneous photo rejuvenation 550 nm