OVER 2160 Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal has always been considered a beauty ritual in the same way with make-up and keeping fit, and not only the dress rehearsal prompts women to this treatment but also the desire to feel always beautiful. Also men have begun to consider the hair reduction or removal. This treatment is safe, efficient and painless.

Has all of the above features and it is extremely reliable, it can be used on all parts of the body and face with an ability to slow down re-growth, even totally preventing any reappearance.


Laser type: German laser diode
Laser wave length: 808 nm
Power: 600 Watt
Spot size: 16x16mm (2,56cm²)
Repetition rate: from 1Hz to 15Hz
Multiple spot repetition: from 1 to 15 spot per sec.
Pulse width: from 10ms to 300ms
Max Fluency: max 40J/cm²
Cooling area: from 5° C to 20° C
Handpiece life: 10 million spots